Mile High has been in the adult content business for over 20 years. We entered the market exclusively as a Canadian licensee of mainly American videos. Having purchased the Canadian rights, we then duplicated the movies onto VHS tapes and sold them across Canada. Our primary focus was on consumer satisfaction. With that in mind, we developed a systematic and meticulous approach of screening every movie to ensure it was well made. We would then only purchase and release the titles that met our standards and those of our viewers. This process, driven by pure quality control, would become the building blocks of our company and a major profit generator for our customers.

During our growth period we began to include international compilation rights along with the Canadian rights of some of the original works that we purchased. Having an enormous variety of content at our fingertips enabled us to select the very best scenes of various original works for our compilations. This has been the major reason why the public loves our compilations.

In addition to our growing repertoire, the Mile High team was growing in experience and in numbers. It was then that we created our in house department of graphic designers. This was a natural progression in maintaining quality control standards for our customers. Although the package design from our suppliers was adequate, we decided to raise the bar and produce graphics that we felt worked best for our customers and their clients.

The next phase of growth was to produce our own lines. In 2003 we launched Doghouse Digital, a brand that has become synonymous for creating, niche driven adult content. Although we had many years of experience in the industry, we would spend the next several years getting to know the people on both the production levels and distribution levels. We gained much experience and knowledge through this phase and it helped us fine tune Doghouse Digital and later give birth to our future lines.

In 2008 we were fortunate to begin a relationship with Nica Noelle, an extremely talented writer and director. With her help, we were able to launch Sweetheart Video, a lesbian line with a difference. Sweetheart became quite successful because of the passion and trueness that Nica was able to capture and bring to life.

In 2009 we continued to make use of Nica's talents as we launched Sweet Sinner, a studio targeting the couples market with a special appeal to women as well as men. Also in 2009 we launched Reality Junkies, a reality based studio using the industries top porn stars in real life type situations.

Mile High is dedicated to understanding market trends and plans on launching additional lines in 2010.

Our library presently offers over 1500 titles for the International market and we are releasing 9 new features per month and 3 new compilations per week

In addition to the lines that we've launched, Mile High has also transformed itself into a worldwide multimedia provider. We have evolved alongside the industry and now offer licensed content on all platforms including, Broadcast, IPTV, VOD and for Mobile applications.

Mile High is seasoned player in the adult content industry and much of its success is due to our experienced team of professionals. Most of our staff has been with us for over 10 years and our tight knit working environment has enabled us to evolve together and continue our growth as a company.

From idea generating to graphic design, from warehouse management to our state of the art editing facility, our employees are committed to professionalism and building the Mile High and ancillary brands.

Mile High About US

Mile High About US

Mile High About US

Mile High About US